Frequently asked questions

Pre Launch Offer

What is the PRE-LAUNCH Offer overall ?

* The Pre- Launch offer is for first 15 Candidates on first-comes-first basis. * The fees they pay is INR 35,999 instead of the original cost of INR 49,999. * It also has SIX months NO COST EMI options with all MAJOR BANK's Credit Cards.

Till when the Pre-Launch Offer is available?

The Pre-Launch Offer is available till 20th of September 2021 only. There after the fees will be INR 49,999 and the EMI offer may get restricted to selected bank creditcard only.

What is the Pre-Launch Offer for the existing students who has attended professional grade course before and want to attend Diplomate Grade Course now?

* All existing students will be given INR 10000 off on the Pre-Launch Registration Fees. Hence, making their fees as 35999 - 10000 = 25999 ( Only if they register before 20th September. ) * Existing Students registering after 20th September 2021 will continure to avail Discounts as Half Price of their fees they paid when they joined any course of dry needling before. I.e. If someone had completed any course of Dry Needling Before with us paying INR 11,000 their discount will be INR 5,500. Hence making their effective fees to join as 35999 - 5500 = 30499 INR. ( If they register 21st September Onwards. ) * Old Student can always ask for NO COST EMI for 6 Months.

Syllabus & Materials

Theory Syllabus

Comprises of 13 Live Class of 3 Hours Each on Weekly Once Basis. The Topics includes: Historical Development of Dry Needling, Triggerpoint Mechanisms and Myofascial Pain Syndrome, History to Hypothesis of Trigger Point. Muscle and Pain, Dry Needling Insertion and Mechanism of Action. Methods of Handling the Needle and the Principles of Intervention, Mothods of Intervention, Purpose of Intervention, Global Concept Comparative Study, Research Review and Critisism followed by Theory EXAM ( MCQ based - online mode ).

Practical Syllabus

Comprises of 7 Days Hands-On Training for 8 Hours each day: The Practicals are: More than 158 Muscle will be covered in this extensive training covering whole body compartments like Scalp, Face, Neck, Throat, Back, Chest, Spine, Abdomen, Upperlimbs, Lowerlimbs. Indepth Assessment and Treatment Programming. The final day will be the day of practical examination. Which will be of two parts: 1. Insertional Skill Exam; 2. Case Management Skill Exam.

What kind of material will I get?

You will receive two digital workbooks to note the lessons given, for both theory as well as practicals. ( You make your notes to remember the teachings of the course you have taken. )

Conduct Details

When the course will start and end?

Course will start from 27th October 2021 Course will end by February 2022

Course Construct

Course is Comprised of Two Modules. Module:1- Theory - 13 Sessions / 39 Hours of Live Lectures with Dr. Ruchit Sanghvi ( weekly one session of 3 Hours for 13 weeks ) . Module:2 - Practicals - 56 Hours of Hands-On Training with Dr.Ruchit Sanghvi in the month of February 2022.

Course Eligiblity

Any Medical Professionals may join this course. * Homeopaths and Ayurveda Practitioners are advised to refresh their Surface Anatomy and Biomechanics Skills before joining to this course. They may always under go a Surface Anatomy Refresh Course ( PAID ) on request before attending the course, with us. Email on for the same.

Course Teaching Modes

Theory : Online Live Lectures with Dr. Ruchit Sanghvi Practicals : Hands-On Training with High Tech 3D Presentation of Muscles along with every details of Anatomy and Physiology required to get the clear Idea of Intervention.

Where the Practicals will be conducted?

At Academy Head-Office, SURAT City of Gujarat State in INDIA.

Awards and Entitlements

Which are the 3 Certificates that I get with this Diplomate Grade course?

On Successfull Completion of examination you get: 1. Diplomate Grade Certificate 2. Academy Membership Certificate 3. Research Fellow Certificate : on submission of 5 case papers.

Which are the 3 ID Cards that I will get?

DSA BANK Virtual ID Card - on our mobile application. DSA Membership Card ( Physical ) DSA Research Fellow Card ( Physical ) * DSA - Dr. Sanghvi'S Academics.

What are the 3 Entitlement bestowed with this course?

1. You can apply suffix as D.DNP ( Diplomate Dry Needling Practitioner ). 2. You can apply suffix as Member of Dr. Sanghvi'S Academics 3. You may apply suffix as Research Fellow of DSA R&D Institute.

Are the certification awarded from USA?

Yes, all the certification for this course will be awarded from USA based company.

Course Fees

How much is the course fee?

49999 INR is the course fee after the pre-launch offer is over.

Bifurcation of the fees?

Regular Course Fee: 1100 INR is the Research Fellowship Fee 1000 INR is Electronic Transcript Fee 0900 INR is Convocation Fee 46,999 INR is Tution Fee --------------------------- 49,999 INR Total Course Fee. 35999 INR Total Course Fee with Pre-Launch Offer Repeat Examination Fee: ( If and when applicable, accounted and collected separately. ) Theory : 1000 INR Practical : 3000 INR

How about the refund of the fee?

Fees once paid will not be refunded or transferred to any other course of candidate in any circumstances and proceeding with the payment it self will be considered as a disclaimer with the same conditions. In case if the academy postpones or cancels the course, the candidate is liable for the full refund of the fees using the authorised banking system.


How many exams are there in this course?

There are total of 2 exams in this course, 1. Theory Exam - MCQ style Online Exam. 2. Practical Exam - Skill and Case Management Exam On-Floor.

What if I fail in an exam?

Any exam on failure will enforce another examination. There will be a fee, charged for each examination ( Online / On-Floor ) you have to retake in order to complete the course.


What are the DSA CURRENCY rewards?

As a welcome gesture each time you join any of the courses with DSA you get a DSA CURRENCY ( Non-Convertible ) in your virtual banking account with us. 10% of the fees you have paid will be your DSA CURRENCY deposited in your DSA Bank Account as soon as you complete the course with us. The DSA Currency can be utilised to reduce your fees for the next courses you join with us in future.*

How can I become an Instructor?

On successful Completion of the Course. You can opt to enter in to the Instructor Examination (by fulfilling the compliances*), clearing of which you will be able to conduct the courses on behalf of DSA.